Corporate Overview

Our Profile

In December 2000, China Steel Corporation of Taiwan (CSC) had acquired its first offshore steel companies, namely CSC Steel Sdn. Bhd. (CSC Steel, formerly known as Ornasteel Enterprise Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.). Since then, both CSC Steel and Group Steel have been fully operated under the management of CSC. In January 2004, Ornasteel Holdings Berhad was established and acquired CSC Steel and Group Steel as its wholly-owned subsidiaries in the same year. Subsequently, Ornasteel Holdings Berhad was successfully listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia in December 2004 and renamed CSC Steel Holdings Berhad (CHB) in 2008 (Collectively known as CSC Malaysia or the Group).

At the helm of its parent company, CSC, the productivity as well as the competitiveness of CSC Malaysia in both domestic and international markets has been strengthened with the capital injection in upgrading equipment and expanding production lines, providing technical support, and enhancing its management performance. In recent years, the Group has actively broadened its market reach to countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania. This move would help the CSC Group to further penetrate into the steel markets in Southeast Asia.

The main products of CSC Steel include pickled and oiled steel coils (PO), cold rolled steel coils (CR), galvanized steel coils (GI) and pre-painted steel coils (PPGI). CSCM is actively shaping its brands, namely and , to expand its market share in the building material industry. The Group is keen on developing new coated steel products by cooperating with related chemical suppliers closely.

In addition, the Group is committed to increasing the values for the shareholders and the community and reducing the impact to the environment so as to achieve its sustainable development.


Pursuing value innovation, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and commitment on social responsibility to become a trustworthy and excellent steel company in Malaysia as well as Southeast Asia.

Operating Policy

The Group has mapped out the following operating policy, which it shall serve as the fundamental in achieving the Group’s vision:

  • Sales and production advancement by implementing industrial upgrading
  • Technical marketing for solidifying sales channels
  • Talent cultivation for enhancing experience inheritance
  • Social well-being by placing great importance on environment protection and public welfare

Corporate Value

Core values are essential for a company in order to have continuous improvement in daily operation. The core values that the Group emphasizes are as below:


Replace internal rivalries with coordination and cooperation with a common goal in mind- the corporate objectives.

Pursuit of Innovation

Managing people and processes through research and development that turn new ideas into profit. Being innovative keeps the company abreast of the latest industry development.


The state of being practical and realistic as well as making sensitive decisions as to deal with problems effectively.

Entrepreneurial Approach

Stressing efficiency for the day-to-day operation to preserve growth. Has a responsibility to provide superior products and services to its customers and an environmentally for its employees to grow professionally and intellectually as well as satisfying return on shareholder’s investment.

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